Becoming A Parent

My first son came to be in 1978, my second in 1983 so I consider I have a lot of practical parenting skills. But between the 80’s and also the 00’s important things have changed a great deal, and I wonder if it is for the better? There is so much information available now that is certainly seems learning to be a parent has become an industry in it’s own right.

Would-be mums are bombarded with suggestions backed up with scientific tests which cover everything from the nappy to use to feeding times, each little thing in between.

When I became a parent for your first-time I relied on family for advice, my own feelings as well as a tiny handbook offered having a bounty bag whilst in hospital. Mostly the pages were filled with adverts and coupons, with an occasional article written by a midwife. There were no doulas or night nurses available, regardless of whether I had had the cash to hire one. To be honest the thought of someone else telling me what to do with my child is very abhorrent. For numerous years humanity has survived, probably by mothers muddling through it has to be said, but there have been always members in the neighborhood to change to. Nowadays it appears you need to pay just for this advice, and the more you make payment for the higher kids probability of turning out alright!

I can’t think of the pressure there exists on mums to be making the best decisions, and doubting themselves constantly. Possibly the biggest supply of worry arises from competing with celebrity mothers, who instantly drop the newborn weight, have the very best, most up to date equipment and who may have perfect babies. Whatever happened to enjoying baby? A friend of mine recently gave birth to her second child, using a gap of six years together. She was amazed and then horrified at just how much things had changed in this short time. The advice she has gained is really strict and regimented that she believes if she was obviously a new mother she would have followed it religiously. Fortunately jane is an extremely level headed girl, which has a sensible mother and both agreed that since her first child turned out OK she’d continue with the same routines along with her second instead of doubt her natural instincts!

I am certainly not advocating ignoring health advice from doctors and nurses, you need to be conscious individuals who write books and magazine articles frequently have a monetary incentive to point you in a certain direction. Make the most of all the solutions try not to feel pressured into doing something you aren’t at ease with, or do not want. Babies need love over any expensive pushchair or toy so enjoy them because they grow so quickly.