First Sign of Pregnancy and Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Waking up morning and feeling dizzy, not wanting to start the periods work, heaviness inside the head may be due to hectic work schedule and stress. But it is another thing to ponder. Are you promiscuous person last number of months? Well then those discomforts will be the first sign of pregnancy!

You is not sure enough of being pregnant by the few signs, though the probability perhaps there is. Other symptoms do follow in the end ultimately assuring that you have conceived.

Signs of pregnancy and their severity vary from women to women. If you are aware an adequate amount of the machine of your body, you’ll be able to be almost sure of your pregnancy through the elusive changes that follow after conception.

Few symptoms that assist in confirming pregnancy –

1. Missed periods are almost the surer test of childbearing, but if late periods are routine feature, then other signs of pregnancy must be watched out for.

2. Morning sickness is the one other common symptom faced by the majority of the women in the early days of childbearing. In certain cases it may last for the initial trimester, whereas most of the time it may last through the entire pregnancy.

3. Nausea and loss of appetite may be another manifestation of pregnancy, which starts from almost the 8th or 10th day of conception. Some particular smell of food or anything can result in nausea and aversion to food. Generally this subsides within the 2nd trimester, or it could continue till the end with the term.

4. Spotting is seen in some cases due to implantation from the embryo inside uterine wall. This starts mostly in the eighth day after the conception.

5. Tenderness and swelling in the breasts starts from about the initial or second week after conception. Breasts become sensitive and even painful as a result of hormonal changes that appear in pregnancy.

6. Craving for specific food items is widely experienced with the women that are pregnant that remain till the delivery in the baby.

7. Backaches and headaches give you the sudden upsurge in the change.

8. Heartburn and constipation are another outcomes of pregnancy. As the uterus swells it pushes the stomach ultimately causing these indigestion problems. Higher amounts of hormones somewhat can also be accountable for these problems.

9. Area surrounding the nipple (areola) modifications in color plus a dark line starting through the central abdomen around the pubic region is observed.

10. Mood swings and stress can be experienced within the early stages of being pregnant expressing high emotions and frequent crying spells.

11. Feeling of frequent urination starts after couple of weeks of the uterine implantation due to the secretion of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) hormone.

The previously discussed symptoms can show you in confirming pregnancy, one and only thing omitted would be to confirm it clinically and make the required arrangements in successfully delivering the newborn.