Five Great Reasons to Have Or Host a Baby Shower!

Baby Showers are so popular over in the US it is kind of a since all pregnant ladies may have an infant shower of some type. However, within the UK it is a phenomenon increasing where there are a few that are dubious about having an infant shower or hosting one for the family member or friend. This article will provide you with five great why you should have a child shower!

1. To celebrate the miracle of life!

If you consider it the whole process of growing a child is amazing! In just nine months a tiny cell could have grown into a new person inside their mum. The amazing science of growth each baby undergoes is mind-blowing and should be celebrated.

2. To acknowledge the immense work mum-to-be has been doing in growing her baby

It’s hard carrying a child! There’s the nausea, bone-tiredness, greasy hair, spot outbreaks, cravings for food, lack of sleep, heartburn, achy joints rather than having the ability to tie up your personal shoelaces by the end. Show her that you just recognise what’s she’s going through and help her see how it is all for eventually.

3. To pass in your wisdom & words of advice

Most showers are thrown for mums expecting their first child and so a baby shower is an excellent potential for those who’ve already got children or experience of childcare to feed on their tips. Think about all that you’ve learned from raising your kids – the way to get them to sleep through the night, breastfeeding, weaning and so forth. Make it area of the party by collating the ideas inside a keepsake book or on advice cards so the mum-to-be can refer back to them when the baby arrives!

4. To coo over too-cute baby things

Whether you’ve children yourself or not, little baby clothes and keepsakes hold the ooh factor. Enjoy choosing something gorgeous for your new arrival (or mum!) and note the pleasure for the face of mum-to-be as she opens her gifts. How about creating a go at creating a cool 2 in 1 baby shower centrepiece and gift being a nappy cake or baby bouquet? It’s bound to elicit lots of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’ when folks realise they can be taken apart and items used. Turn the gift giving in to a fun game for all with baby shower celebration bingo in which the bingo ‘numbers’ would be the gifts themselves.

5. To have a very fabulous excuse for any girly get-together, with gossip, laughter & a great deal of scrumptious cake!

This one’s pretty self explanatory!