How I Found the Best Maternity Pillow to Solve My Pregnancy Sleeping Problems

When I was pregnant with both of my children I guess you may point out that I had difficult pregnancies. But the one problem that bothered me the most had not been being able to get a good night’s sleep. Here is how I found the most effective maternity pillow to fix my pregnancy sleeping problems.

Now I never had any problems sleeping before I became pregnant. As a matter of fact I was a fantastic sleeper. My head would hit the pillow and within a few minutes I was in a very blissful slumber before the alarm stopped in the morning.

Even when I first conceived I slept well through the initial two months of my pregnancy. I mean, I had to get up and pee more often, but I would go right back to fall asleep. The difficulties would begin when I would enter my second trimester, as my baby began to obtain a little size.

I am naturally a back sleeper, but once the child started getting bigger I just can’t get comfortable within this position. I would toss and turn trying to have comfortable but always felt the extra weight of my baby sitting uncomfortable inside me.

So I did what probably comes natural to the majority of expecting mothers who face problems; I asked my mom. She explained she faced a similar problems sleeping when she was pregnant beside me and she or he used to fall asleep on her side and prop her tummy over a pillow to support the body weight.

Sounded good in my opinion, to ensure night I gave it a shot. It helped somewhat but I struggled keeping the pillow in place. I also found it hard to keep a side sleeping position. I still wakened in my back. I knew I was onto something so I did a bit more research on the Internet.

I found that doctors actually suggest that pregnant women sleep on their left side in promoting better blood flow and keep the extra weight of the newborn from body organs. I also discovered that there were special pillows meant to help women live in the side sleeping position and gives support on their growing tummy keeping them more at ease. Mom was right again.

These pillows are known as maternity pillows. In my research I found numerous stories from women that are pregnant who said that maternity pillows resolved their sleeping problems. I also found out that the very best maternity pillow is often a full body one. Well, I couldn’t argue effortlessly those results so I went ahead and ordered an entire body maternity pillow from the site I found on the Web.

When it arrived I unpacked it and tried it that night. What a pleasure it turned out to have my body wrapped in a very big comfy pillow. It was so comfortable that I drifted off to rest right away. No tossing and turning; when I wakened in the morning I was still in along side it sleeping position that I went to sleep in.

I definitely would recommend the full body maternity pillow to any pregnant woman who’s having difficulty sleeping. It really is the top maternity pillow which you can use to get a great night’s sleep and the sleep position that is best for you plus your baby.