Western Themed Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers are wonderful the opportunity to celebrate the arrival of the cute four legged friend. Even if you’ve already were built with a baby, you can have an additional shower because every baby is worth commemorating. If you know how the little angel is really a boy, why not throw a western themed baby shower? In fact you’ll be able to use this theme even if you’re having a litttle lady. Just add splashes of pink for the color scheme in the party you may have a girlie western shower. If the expectant mommy and daddy love to watch cowboy movies, or simply have childhood memories with the ranch they’re going to love this theme choice. Whatever the reason, while using the western style is really an unique method to throw a baby shower celebration.

Start off your originality through the use of bandanas to wrap your invitations in. You can find a substantial quantity of cheap bandanas at dollar stores plus wholesale shops. The invitations could be cut out of a horse, a cowboy hat, or a cowboy boot template. You’ll find lots of free templates on the net to make use of. Simply use construction paper to the main invite and scrapbook details to be seen it. A cool saying for you to placed on the invitation is: “Giddy through to onto our shower.” Another wording idea would be: “Saddle up and ride on to our shower.” Don’t forget to add the main information including date, place, hour, plus a contact telephone number. If you want to make the party truly memorable, ask the attendees to put on the bandanas that they can received and clothe themselves in cowboy style. That way, your baby shower will turn into a fun costume party.

To decorate your western shower, use cactus plants among the foods’ table in addition to being centerpieces for that guests’ tables. Have cloth baby dolls using cowboy hats located on small toy chairs. Wooden rocking horses and hay bales may be strategically placed through the shower. Red and white checkered tablecloths will add an enjoyable energy for the event. Remember to work with earth tones inside decor like brown, khaki and red to accentuate whether it’s a boy baby shower. Purchase red and white balloons and place streams of them nearby the ceiling. An awesome centerpiece idea would be to use a cowboy themed diaper cake. Use bibs, rattles, bottles, baby clothes and cowboy toys to decorate your diaper cake.

Have some games planned before hand so the guests can bond along with the men on the shower can have a great time. Guys love to compete and can truly enjoy playing the cowboy hat toss, steer roping, and horse shoe toss games. Have a relay race where all people have to ‘ride’ a toy horse to get to the other end of the back yard and back. The first team that wins could possibly get cowboy hats as prizes.

Don’t forget to document this exciting time for the reason that baby will 1 day love seeing this celebration. Take a great deal of pictures through the event with the attendees. Later on, the hostess can send a form thanks note to friends that participated. Together with all the many thanks note, a great picture with the guest with the expectant mommy may be placed in the envelope.